Saturday, October 2, 2010


In the next five years I would like to accomplish a few things and of course be able to buy a few things for myself.
Goal 1- Get my career started, once I get that done all my other goals will seem far less impossible.
Goal 2- Pay off all my credit card debt. Can't wait till that day comes, I hate having bills to pay, the less the better.
Goal 3- Get a new car. Since I'll be making good money and living in Portland, might as well get a new car to start my new life. Plus my car is getting old and run down, it'll be time for an upgrade!
Goal 4- Time for the personal gifts. Starting with a new Coach purse and an iPad.
Goal 5- A brand new wardrobe from H&M to go with my brand new body!! Can you say shopping spree??
Goal 6- Be able to afford getting my nails and hair done every month, and tanning, and the occasional spa day. A little pampering never hurt anyone...
Goal 7- Get two little dogs and name them Petunia and Poppy.
Goal 8- Find a man and have my dream WEDDING and HONEYMOON
Goal 9- Get a house equipped with everything I need.
Goal 10- Start my family, let's aim for two of each??
Goal 11- Travel the world with my perfect family...let's start in EUROPE: France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Ireland, England...yeah we got places to go.

That's pretty much it for now, these are kind of more like wishes, but who says wishes can't be goals too. Goals/Wishes are important to have. When I was in school as a kid they always told us to make goals, I thought it was a waste of time and bullshit. Now that I'm older I feel that it is necessary to have them. It helps me plan everything out, which is something I have come to be obsessed with. Everything needs to be planned and organized or I will never do it. I have to plan my meals and my day out, or I'll just end up not eating or doing nothing. By planning things out you create a goal in some ways. So if my goals are wishes or my wishes are goals, either way they are achievable and not far fetched. I can't wait to accomplish all these things and be able to say that I had a great life and all though it wasn't a typical fairy tale it was one for me.