Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Selfish People Suck

So many of you know or don't, but there have been many problems with Frank's family recently. He wants them at the wedding and so do I. They seem to have this crazy notion that we don't want them there. They also think that because they're not in the bridal party that they're not special or part of the wedding. News flash some of you were asked to be in the bridal party but gave it up because I am not going to pay for your attire! I am not made of money and neither are my parents that's why I'm doing a lot of DIY projects. Another funny thing that they think is that the officiant, whom is my cousin, is actually going to ask if anyone objects. Sorry, but that is something that is not really a regular part of the wedding and won't be part of my wedding. Anyone who thinks they're gonna ruin OUR day and OUR wedding has another thing coming. Anybody in my family can tell you I am not one to piss off. You fuck with me I will destroy you! My family is happy for us and if Frank's family doesn't want to be happy for us then they can fuck off. This is going to be the happiest day of our lives and we only want happy positive people around us. Oh and if anyone has a problem with me say to me, not to my fiance. That just screams immaturity and people that obviously haven't grown up yet. Choose your battles wisely because this is one bitch you don't want to piss off!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Enough is enough!!

First I would like to say that my wedding is about Frank and I, and what makes us happy. It is not about anyone else. All of our family members are invited and our closest friends too.
I am tired of Frank's family treating me like shit. I did nothing to deserve this disrespect. You guys aren't in my bridal party because you're not my blood or my close friend. Sorry, I am always going to chose them over anyone else. It is my day and I get to chose who stands up there with me. If you don't like it tough shit keep it to yourself.
On another note, I am entitled to my own opinion. No one needs to care what I think that is why it is my opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I would never tell them I don't care what they think because I might think something different and my mother raised me to be respectful of other people's beliefs.
Also, there will be NO racism at my wedding. Anyone who disrespects this will not only probably get cussed out in Portuguese but, will be asked to leave! I was born bi-racial and I am proud of it. I love being something other than just white!
There are many differences between Frank's family and my family. I believe that I am not disrespectful for wanting my wedding my way and they believe that just being a guest isn't enough. I'm just so annoyed with the stress that I'm just saying fuck it! It's my day and people can chose to be happy for us or not. Just keep your negativity to yourselves. If you all want details on the wedding just ask, don't just assume things.
Bridesmaids are: Lauren Williams, Lauren Oliver, and Maritza Montoya
Groomsmen are: Justin Goemaere, David Jackson, and Wade Johnson
Flowergirl is: Iris Roy
Ring Bearer is: Emerson Roy
Officiant is: Jennifer Babcock
I still need someone to watch the guest book and two people to be ushers.
Readings will be from Jason Roy, Daniel Roy, Misty Brewer, Perry Lederer, and Daisy Stratemeyer(if she attends the wedding)
Everyone has a part in the wedding in some way. Being a guest is being a part of our wedding, so get over yourselves!